About us

Refettorio Lima at Casa de Todos will be the ninth Refettorio that Food for Soul has opened and the second in South America. It is the culinary and cultural heart of Casa de Todos, and has been set to be developed by Intermediario/3Gatos in partnership with Beneficencia de Lima to nourish and recover 120 homeless people per year, recovering also the neighbourhood of Palomino, in the Center of Lima.


Intermediario is the social and collaborative platform shaped by the hospitality consulting firm 3 Gatos, proyectos gastronómicos led by Chef Diego Muñoz, and his team: Francisco Barrientos, Manlio Chichizola and Claudia Sofía Von, with the aim of focusing on enabling and developing projects in hospitality around the world. They are focused on the stories of beauty behind the produce and the experience, from its very essential nature, minding the cultural layer that allows the growth to social impact. They believe in the power of food to disrupt and improve the status quo. Together they’ve launched projects in Latin America, Europe, USA and South East Asia.


Food for Soul is a non-profit organization founded by chef Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore to shine light on and to invest in the invisible potential of people, places and food. By doing that, the organization aims to build a culture of value that will strengthen community resilience, open opportunities for social and economic mobility and build healthier and more equitable food systems. So far, Food for Soul has opened eight Refettorio projects around the world – community spaces where people are invited to connect around a meal and rediscover the value of food surplus and human connections.

Our Guiding Principles

Our values live through our Guiding Principles, which shape the development of our programs, define our impact and are an essential part of our culture and identity:​ ​Quality of Ideas, Power of Beauty, and ​Value of Hospitality.

  • Quality of Ideas

    By collaborating with community members, chefs, artists, organisations and professionals from different fields, our aim is to imagine and create places and experiences that can be platforms for learning and exchange.

    We strongly believe that the quality of the ideas that we bring together through our programs can make our voice louder, send our messages further, and inspire others to act.

  • Power of Beauty

    Beauty is a universal language, whose power can inspire and unveil hidden potential. Moments of beauty – be it art, design, music or an act of kindness – can take people out of their daily experience and help them to connect with each other.

    By creating spaces and experiences that actively celebrate the equal right of all to beauty, our aim is to encourage people to embrace empathy, and to form human connections that can be powerful vehicles for change.

  • Value of Hospitality

    We believe in the power of hospitality to create experiences that have an emotional impact and that can make people feel seen and cared for.

    Through the excellence of our services, the integrity of our motivation, and the attention we dedicate to each of our stakeholders, our aim is to ensure a sense of dignity, caring and belonging that motivates them to express themselves and their ideas.


Recovery Program

Our operation was born as a response to the Covid-19 crisis, aiming to provide shelter and protection to the homeless that became the most vulnerable during the pandemic. In partnership with Beneficencia de Lima we have created a supportive program of 15 months that includes both the physical, emotional and psychological recovery of our guests, with the help of specialist and overall through the creation of a nourishing and dignifying environment that allows for hope and humanity to flourish.

What We Do


The neighbourhood of Palomino dates back to 1965-67 and was designed by the renown Architect Luis Miró Quesada Garland. It is located in the Center of Lima and was designed to be part of an industrial and social development, using organic curves within a minimalistic approach. It still preserves the pre-hispanic elements that had to be incorporated to the design during its construction. It allocates around 6000 families.


Casa de Todos

Casa de Todos is the new house built on with the use of modules specially created for our complex of 3800 square meters, designed to host 120 guests with all the facilities to create a convivial and warmth environment that fosters recovery of body, mind and spirit.