What is Refettorio?

The word Refettorio comes from the Latin reficere, meaning ‘to re-make’, but also ‘to restore’.


Refettorio is that place where cooking is an act of love. And a call to act. It’s activism and believe.

Let us explain better.

Just imagine how it feels to spend an hour or two in your favourite restaurant. Now imagine how it feels that hour or two after a very bad week, after a terrible season, or simply after a difficult day at work. Can you imagine that? We crave the sudden calm of a relaxing environment, the smell of good nourishing food coming our way, maybe some music, maybe some laughs. Once done with this time, how do you feel? This is what we aim for at Refettorio.

Our goal is to get back to the essential act of restoring through food and beauty. Through history the refettorios were the nourishing areas in the monasteries, caring to feed both the body and the soul. Our mission is to recreate that same care in order to shine a light on the invisible potential that exists in the most vulnerable. It is and outstanding exchange of care and humanity.

As chefs, we feel we are lucky, talented and aware. It is our duty make more than our recipes, to take on our sense of responsibility and create a culture of change in the way we relate through food, trusting in the power of food for change. A Refettorio is not about feeding people in need, but about rebuilding dignities, and with that the dignity of a society as whole.