Refettorio Lima, from Chico’s perspective

Chico, through his pictures, tells the story of the people of Lima

Giancarlo, Chicho, is a storyteller. He listens, understands and from that he is able to create a visual story, in a photo or in the action of a video. This is why it was clear from the beginning that he would be part of our team, from day one. He has a way to express humanity and this is why he has been part of many of the stories told around peruvian food, from Astrid&Gastón to Despensa Amazónica, and also around Peruvian artists like Susana Baca. He gets the story to replicate the voice of the one he portrays. His main project is @volverproject, setting the spotlight on Peruvians of all backgrounds. Now with the pandemic, he specializes on shining light on the stories behind the masks.