Full Policies Web Users

When browsing through our site the information about the user and all essential and accidental technical information is stored by default. We refer to these categories and access information. No other information is collected through the site of Refettorio Lima, unless you deliberately decide to reveal it (as an example, when pressing send and sending us an email through the site). The information that you may decide to send to us is listed below as “optional information”.


Automatic Information

  1. Information about the user: Internet domain and the IP of the computer that is being used.
  2. Essential technical information: to identify the page or service you are requesting, browser and os that is being used, date and time of access.
  3. Non essential technical information: website address of the original site that linked you to us, and “cookie information” described below.


Optional information

  1. When you send us an email: your name, email address and the content of the sent message..
  2. When you fill electronic forms: all the data that you choose to give or confirm.


Sharing your information is your choice

There is no legal obligation fo you to submit you information to our website. However our site will not work without the automatic and essential technical information. If your browser does not send us the non essential technical information, this will not block the usage of our site, but it can affect the use of some option. With regards to any additional information requested from the website, if your search does not obtain any results it means that the particular functionality or service requested with this part of the website may not be available to you.